ATM and Self-Service

ATM and Self-Service

Consumers want their banks to help them to accomplish more in less time. NCR developed the industry’s most complete portfolio of banking solutions to help your customers do just that. 

With NCR solutions, you’ll boost transactions to your self-service channel and optimize your use of automated technology. This is just one example of how OmniSoft helps you future-proof your bank by ensuring your digital channel excels as much as your branch.


Enhance your customer experiences with the best fit for their needs. In addition to an outstanding “out of the box” solution with top-rated online and mobile banking apps, your financial institution can take advantage of:

  • Human-centric ATM design that has the feel of tablet-like interactions
  • Improved usability and better customer experience, thanks to the simple, innovative and differentiated design
  • A wide selection of versatile deployment options across multiple locations

NCR ATMs are made for the technologies of today, but they’re also cleverly designed to adapt to the technologies of tomorrow. Through them, your institution can effortlessly provide a complete range of interactive and assisted service transactions, wherever and whenever, creating greater accessibility and usability for consumers, branch staff and service engineers.

  • Supports multi-touch, mobile pre-staging, e-receipts and contactless
  • Creates greater consumer engagement and improved face-to-face interactions
  • Automates a wide range of deposit and dispense transactions through the ATM
  • Gives call center staff and tellers the ability to provide guidance to consumers and drive modules
  • Boosts the ease of upsell opportunities inside and outside of the branch from any location
  • Leverages NCR CxMarketing and CxBanking software suite
  • Allows personalized, seasonal and location-based marketing to be displayed
  • Improves your marketing capabilities through the ATM
  • Safeguards the trust and integrity of your network
  • The NCR SelfServ ATM Family has a wide range of new built-in security features as a fundamental requirement
  • Moves from ATM crime protection to ATM crime prevention thanks to sophisticated security features and countermeasures for fraud management, access control and authentication

NCR SelfServ 80 Series ATM Family


More intuitive means more advantages with the NCR SelfServ ATM Family. Using a blend of human intuition and technological advances, the SelfServ Family takes the self-service ATM experience to the next level, going beyond simply withdrawing and depositing money to handle complex transactions. The benefits are all yours, as the seamless omni-channel customer experience offered by the SelfServ Family frees your staff to focus time and resources on more high-value interactions.

Today’s high tech
Is future-ready

When you invest in today’s technology, you want to be sure that it’s also future-ready: that’s what the NCR SelfServ 80 Series gives you. Known as the most configurable and upgradeable range of ATMs in the industry, the NCR SelfServ 80 Series seamlessly accommodate today’s technologies while effortlessly adapting to what is still to come. All this, in addition to delivering a complete suite of interactive and assisted service transactions wherever, whenever – with optimal accessibility and usability for consumers, branch staff and service engineers.

Cash Dispense ATMs

The Cash Dispense ATM is still integral to the consumer experience as a convenient, trusted self-service channel.

As financial institutions evolve to meet the self-service needs of today and the future, ATMs such as the NCR SelfServ™ 23 or NCR SelfServ™ 27 will continue to be prime choices for their ability to deliver the omni-channel experience while providing reliable and secure access to cash.

Intelligent Deposit & Recycling ATMs

NCR SelfServ™ Intelligent Deposit ATMs are the choice of financial institutions for their ability to offer a wide range of self-service deposit, dispense and recycling options that meet the needs of individual and small business banking customers. Robust and durable, these multi-function ATMs can be deployed in your branch, offsite or in drive-up locations. This new premium interior walk-up, exterior through-the-wall, exterior drive-up multifunction ATM from NCR features options that include Interactive Teller for remote assisted service integration as well as Interactive Banker for in-person assistance compatibility.